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Matthew Lowery
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Matthew Lowery A crushing EP that channels death metal and black metal into one blasphemous mass. At times reminiscent of Behemoth's Evangelion, the noxious spirit at the heart of this album is plain to hear. Favorite track: III. Of The Pestwielder.
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Jóhannes Smári Smárason - Guitar
Óskar Rúnarsson - Guitar
Josh Rood - Vocals
Kári Pálsson - Bass
Tumi Snær Gíslason - Drums


released April 14, 2017

Recording (drums and vocals), mixing and mastering by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary, Reykjavík, Iceland.
Guitar Recordings - Sigurbjörn Gauti Rafnsson
Bass Recording - Hörður Lúðvíksson
Album Art - Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal
Logo - Melissa Christoffersen



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Nexion Reykjavík, Iceland

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Track Name: I. Of Genesis
For I have removed the thorns from thy eyes,
And I have set before thee
A nexion, through which thou might behold.

The Genesis.

The rape and slaughter of the cosmic mother
With a spear made of stars.
The black firmament spilling forth from her womb,
Her bowels infested with creations seed.

Thence came a certain one
Whose face is as countless gaping maws.
Whose brow is adorned
With the husks of a thousand shattered worlds.

Thou seest now,
The monstrous visage of a cataclysmic birth.
The first age,
A cosmic dawn crawling from an aphotic void.

Thou seest now,
A living star, a god of fever
Holding a bowl of venereal plague.
Curving Spires, crown a horned temple,
With walls of cobbled tongues and bathed in blood.

Thou seest Genesis.
Track Name: II. Of The Coiling Void
I have known.
I have seen.
I have been beyond the world.

Far beyond
The veils of life
The dreams of the dead are alive.

A city.
A city whose lights are cold.
A tower.
A tower of woven bone.
The Coiling Void,
Scaled with the space between the stars.
The Coiling Void,
Who swallows worlds and whose breath carries the screams
Of dying gods.

Thy tongue is pressed against my mind.
And thy venom,
Ichor flowing in my veins

I have known.
I have seen beyond the veils of life.
I have slept.
I have shared the dreams of the dead.

And I wake.
I wake with visions none should see.
And I know.
I know what the living cannot know.

The Coiling Void,
Whose scales will snuff the burning stars.
The Coiling Void,
Engorged with the terrible bones of gods.
Thy gaze has pierced my heart with decay.
My body is corrupted as a vessel of thy will.

So from My mouth
Writhe worms which are blazoned with black scriptures.
They are my voice.
Which eructs miasmic decrees of what will be
Track Name: III. Of The Pestwielder
Abhorrent, reflected apparition.
Thou which art come as apostate to man,
And yet adhered as a god by thy synod of earthly flesh,
Or else they wail with slit throats, or blind themselves with knives.
As a flood thou art come, welling from the pit,
And as a fire thou shalt burn the boughs of the earth .

Plague Winged Seraph!
Pestilent Crown!
Plague-wielding Fiend!
Pest wielding Death!

Anointed Death.
Anointed in black unguent and enrobed in pall.
Holding a sword and a chalice of bile.
Exhaling decay from unstitched mouth.
Spewing insects over a pulpit of soil.


Thou art come,
promulgating woe as unweaver of the very fabric of life.
Yet if thou ert not as psychopomp or as god,
By what name art thou, or by what claim have thee?


Plague Winged Seraph!
Pestilent Crown!
Plague-wielding Fiend!
Pest wielding Death!

So doth close
The third gave
Which reflects as glass
Track Name: IV. Of The Final Throes of Creation
I beheld,
I beheld the fourth gate open.
And as I watched, A flood of virulent visions washed over my eyes.

I saw the arteries of time woven before me.
I saw talons. The talons of perdition.
I saw them reaching from beyond the black infinity.
I saw them sever the finale veins of Ens.

As one the countless mouths howl upturned,
As the edge of a spear becomes a void.
The countenance I saw of the divine cry out in agony.
And lo upon Empyrean blossoms
White conflagrations of purest death,
Cascading over the domains of the earth,
And cleansing the highest echelons of divinity.
A pillar of ash emerges as a new axis,
Whose roots are coils and whose crown is oblivion.

Cosmic storms and torrents of chaos
Spilling from the entrails of gods
Drowning the world in celestial filth
As the Universe impales itself.

And the Serpent will climb the black Obelisk
Through firmaments of cosmic gore.
And in the final throes of creation,
It will swallow the dying sun.