I. Of Genesis

from by Nexion



For I have removed the thorns from thy eyes,
And I have set before thee
A nexion, through which thou might behold.

The Genesis.

The rape and slaughter of the cosmic mother
With a spear made of stars.
The black firmament spilling forth from her womb,
Her bowels infested with creations seed.

Thence came a certain one
Whose face is as countless gaping maws.
Whose brow is adorned
With the husks of a thousand shattered worlds.

Thou seest now,
The monstrous visage of a cataclysmic birth.
The first age,
A cosmic dawn crawling from an aphotic void.

Thou seest now,
A living star, a god of fever
Holding a bowl of venereal plague.
Curving Spires, crown a horned temple,
With walls of cobbled tongues and bathed in blood.

Thou seest Genesis.


from Nexion, released April 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Nexion Reykjavík, Iceland

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